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Guidepost is many things.  It is a network of Montessori schools.  It is a community of Montessori parents and educators. It is a growing encyclopedia of Montessori resources.  The common denominator, the undercurrent, is the Montessori approach of fostering independence in developing human beings.

Our mission at Guidepost is to guide and empower each child as she develops her independence, her ability to think and do for herself.  As educators, our goal is to serve each individual child, to help him realize his limitless potential, and the opportunities he will have to create real and lasting change throughout his lifetime.

Guidepost began in 2016 with the opening of its first campuses in the U.S., founded by a small team of educators, parents, and entrepreneurs. From the start, this core team was less interested in just opening schools, but in assembling together to truly change education.

How? By elevating the Montessori movement into an accessible, mainstream offering, where each and every child could experience the respect, agency, and individualized guidance that is proven to activate curiosity, success and wellbeing — and that is so often lacking in both traditional and alternative methods today.

Give your child the keys to life

The ultimate goal of our educational programs is authentic independence for children and growing adults. At Guidepost, we offer this to your child, in the fullest possible sense.

The ability to thrive in different circumstances is crucial in a fast-changing world.  Montessori programs cultivate adaptability in a number of ways. The mixed-age environment prepares children to work with people of different abilities, and play different roles in their work.  The three-hour work cycle gives time for children to choose their path, engage deeply in their work, and try different activities.  Varied classroom situations provides constant opportunity for new activity or people to collaborate with.  

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Concentration develops cognitive abilities, executive function, and self-control.  Neuroplasticity and the ability to learn new things require attention, and Montessori environments are specifically designed to cultivate focus in children.  Sensorial materials help children to hone their senses, becoming more attuned to the world around them.  Increasingly challenging activities draw children in, encouraging repeated practice.  The three-hour work cycle gives children time to engage deeply with materials and practice, building mastery over time, instead of being whisked from activity to activity. 

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Empathy is core to social emotional learning, helping children to build stronger relationships, and better understand their place in the world.  Our programs are built with a deep respect for children, and our teachers invite children to name and communicate their feelings, including happiness and joy as well as anger and sadness.   Concepts of grace and courtesy are modeled daily in the Montessori classroom, by children and adults, as they take care of themselves, each other, and their environment.  When students understand that their feelings are valued in their community, they start to value the feelings of others.  This creates a cycle of care and empathy that flows outside of the classroom. 

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Children must be equipped not only with skills but the foundational knowledge across a breadth of subjects to make the most of those skills.  Montessori education respects both the agency of the child to choose her work and the fundamental hierarchy of human knowledge - it is both child-centric and knowledge-centric.  The Montessori curriculum is highly structured, uses hands-on materials to build understanding, and is naturally interdisciplinary, helping children draw connections between science, math, and language.  Children in Montessori programs often learn to read and write earlier than those in traditional programs, they explore advanced math, and build an understanding of language and grammar from a young age. 

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Cultivating a love of learning from infancy prepares children to grow and develop throughout their lives.  Montessori classrooms provide freedom within limits for children, removing barriers to exploration and giving them the liberty to choose their work each day.  When children direct their own learning, they take more ownership of its outcomes, are driven by their own desire for mastery, and develop a friendly relationship with error, allowing them to learn from mistakes and iterate quickly. 

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Confidence, a sense of self-efficacy, or agency, is what enables children to leverage their knowledge and skills to make meaningful impact.  In Montessori programs, children tackle increasingly complex challenges, building a sense that their effortful work can yield results.  Children who attend Montessori schools are more likely to take on more challenging tasks when given the choice, as they start to become aware of the relationship between difficult work and the reward of growth as human being.  This is basis of a growth mindset - the desire for self-improvement, and the confidence to know it's possible. 

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Guidepost is a growing school network in Hong Kong, with 9 locations across the city, and a global community with more than 100 schools around the world. Joining the Guidepost community provides your family with a smooth transition into school options through pre-nursey, kindergarten, primary, and beyond, wherever your journey takes you.

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