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Unveiling our newest initiative for Montessori Together: "Guidepost Get-Together"!

Clearwater Bay MT class

Unveiling our newest initiative for Montessori Together: "Guidepost Get-Together"!

We are delighted to unveil our newest initiative: the "Guidepost Get-Together"! Aimed at fostering a deeper sense of community and broadening our educational landscape, these free additional sessions are now available to all our Montessori Together families every month.

As an addition to our regular schedule, the "Guidepost Get-Together" offers your children more diverse and enriching learning experiences. It also provides you with the opportunity to further engage with more Montessori Together families, and our experienced guides at the campus, reinforcing the bonds that make our community so special.

Session Structure:

  • Duration: Each session will last 90 minutes for current Walkers students and 60 minutes for current Crawlers students.
  • Location: The sessions will be conducted in the Montessori Together classroom of the campus. We may arrange occasional outings in some months, locations to be confirmed closer to the time.
  • Frequency: These special classes will be held once a month on [i.e. Last week of every month]
  • Spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

The "Guidepost Get-Together" is a reflection of our commitment to your child's holistic education and the strengthening of our community ties. We're thrilled about this new initiative and are confident it will provide our students and their families with valuable learning experiences.