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Here's the latest news from the Guidepost team. You'll find updates about new programs and campuses, as well as parenting tips, Montessori explainers and strategies for helping your child become an independent, capable human being.

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Register for Spring Camp!

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Register for Spring Camp!

Enjoy Spring-time fun with Guidepost! Our Spring Camp will be available from 27 to 31 March (Pok Fu Lam campus), and from 30 March to 6 April (Causeway Bay campus) respectively. Our accompanied and unaccompanied programs welcome children as young as 6 months through to 6 years old (varies by location).


Montessori Together
Children will have fun celebrating the start of Spring through theme-based art and movement activities.

  • Crawlers - for children ages 6-12 months (only available at Pok Fu Lam campus)
  • Walkers - for children ages 12-24 months


Mini Makers - for children ages 2-6 years
At our Mini Makers sessions, you can make many things! Sort, stack, stick, or sew, this spring camp is all about creativity and fun. It’s the ideal camp for young Makers interested in DIY, making, creating, crafting, tinkering and learning! Children work on the process of design and production, using critical thinking skills while also collaborating on projects with peers who have similar interests. At the end of the week, children will have something self-designed and self-created!

Creative Arts - for children ages 3-6 years
Children will create their own James Rizzi ‘inspired’ art piece to take home and will be introduced to the artist, art history, visual art techniques, as well as developing language, art, musicality and movement, cognitive, social, fine, and gross motor skills. There will be an Open Class Presentation in the last 10-20 minutes at the end of the last class.

To learn more about the programs, fees and schedules, click the below "APPLY NOW" button!

Introduction of Pre- & Post-natal Parenting Courses

Nurturing newborn

Introduction of Pre- & Post-natal Parenting Courses

As an early education specialist, Guidepost expands our services to serve families at an early stage - from pregnancy to newborn, we are also here to help. We have launched a new Nurturing Newborns Parenting Program at Guidepost Family Club Causeway Bay. 

Led by a Montessori-certified infant specialist with over 20 years of experience, our parenting courses use the perspective of infant care and early childhood education to build confidence in new parents, and connect them and their new baby to a community of young families. The 4-week parenting courses include a 90-minute class per week. Courses available: 

  • Nurturing Newborns - Preparing for the first 3 months: 
    Recommended during 2nd or 3rd trimester

Introduction of Parent & Infant Together program

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Introduction of Parent & Infant Together program

Providing structured opportunities to nurture bonding between parent and child while promoting child development, we have launched a new Parent & Infant Together program at Guidepost Family Club Causeway Bay. 

Our Parent & Infant Together programs provide a community for parents and a chance to meet with infant specialists in a beautifully prepared environment geared towards stimulating the baby’s optimal development. Our infant specialists welcome parents’ questions and are available to offer guidance on a variety of parenting and childrearing topics. Our infant experts facilitate safe interactions between babies and independent play, all while supporting parents and helping them make sense of what they observe. Programs available:

  • Newborns: for babies ages 0-3 months
  • Infants: for babies ages 3-6 months

Launching Nido program at Guidepost Family Club Causeway Bay

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Launching Nido program at Guidepost Family Club Causeway Bay

Nido (or "nest" in English) describes the nurturing classroom environment designed for infants. All of the young child's developmental needs are met with warmth and care by expert staff, such as their desire to walk and talk, eat and drink independently, and understand the world around them. 

We will be opening our first Nido class for children ages 1 to 2 years at our Guidepost Family Club Causeway Bay in January 2023. This unaccompanied program is available Monday to Friday, 3 or 5 days per week.