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Head of School

Marianne Mashburn

Ms. Marianne earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Anthropology, with additional post-graduate accreditations in early childhood education from the University of Sunderland as well as ESL from Trinity College. She has been in education for over 14 years working in South Korea, the Czech Republic, and Hong Kong. Ms. Marianne is passionate about creating an environment that ignites a child's curiosity and belief in their own capabilities. She is excited to be a part of Guidepost Montessori at Chai Wan!
Children's House Lead Guide

Jenny Tse

Ms. Jenny loves using the Montessori approach in her teaching. She is a qualified AMS and MACTE teacher and she also has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK. Her dream is to continue to share her passion for learning, as well as the enthusiasm and dedication needed as a Lead Children’s House Guide here at Guidepost Montessori. She will also continue to bring a positive and energetic spirit to the classroom each day, while providing guidance for each child to learn and grow. She has lived in France and both of her two children attended a Montessori Kindergarten in Paris, and are now attending highly reputable local Primary Schools in Kowloon. Ms. Jenny speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, basic French and Japanese.

Children’s House Assistant Guide

Helen Han

Ms. Helen, (or Han Lao Shi in Mandarin), earned a Bachelor of Education from the Education University of Hong Kong. She has worked with children in both local and international kindergartens. She loves inspiring young children with creative ways to make learning Mandarin fun and memorable! Ms. Helen is excited to be with our Children’s House Kindergarten. With her passion to teach young children and belief in “respect for children, guide and inspire”, Ms. Helen always looks forward to seeing how to help them to be themselves in the Montessori journey!

Toddler Assistant Guide

Vancy Leung

Ms. Vancy holds a Bachelor of Education Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Hull. Ms. Vancy has more than 6 years of experience teaching young children in Germany and at a French International Kindergarten in Hong Kong. She has a true passion for working with the youngest learners. She enjoys helping each child progress in all areas of their development—academic, social, language, and motor and is a challenge that she is honored to accept daily. Ms. Vancy looks forward to serving the families at Guidepost Montessori.

Mandarin Children's House Guide

Cindy He

Ms. Cindy earned her Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Marketing from LA TROBE University in Australia. Ms. Cindy has a three years old daughter who inspired her to learn about Early Childhood Education. Ms. Cindy is currently working on her AMS Montessori Certification to become a qualified Montessori Teacher. She has a true passion for working with young learners. Ms. Cindy looks forward to helping children develop independence and a lifelong love of learning.

School Officer

Stina Pang

Ms. Stina holds a Higher Diploma Program in English Studies from School of Continuing and Professional Studies The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Ms. Stina has over two years of experience working in Kindergarten. She enjoys seeing each child progress in all areas of their development and looks forward to serving the families at Guidepost Montessori.

Assistant Guide

Amelia Wan

Ms. Amelia earned her bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Politics at City University of Hong Kong. She holds a PGDE from Hong Kong Baptist University and is a registered Early Childhood Educator and Child Care Work and Supervisor under EDB. Ms. Amelia has experience as a Montessori Together Guide and Assistant Guide and worked as an Early Years Foundation teacher. She is passionate about teaching and growing with children. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, wild camping, and water sports.

Lead Guide (English)

Charmaine Law

Ms. Charmaine holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from the University of Bristol, and later completed her PGDE study from Hong Kong Baptist University. Ms. Charmaine has extensive teaching experience with young infants through to primary students in international schools in Hong Kong.

She considers early childhood education as the key to success and believes a loving, caring and stimulating environment is vital for the growth and development of a young child, both socially and academically.

Head of School

Michele Fernandes

Ms. Michele earned her Bachelor of Education (Honours) and Early Years from The University of Hull, certificate for Kindergarten Principals from Hong Kong Baptist University and First Aid Certificate from St. John Ambulance. She is an EDB Registered Teacher, Registered Child Care Centre Worker, and Supervisor. Ms. Michele has been an early years educator since 2001 and have taught Kindergarten and Nursery aged children from diverse multicultural backgrounds. She enjoyed building collaborative partnerships with families, staff, and the community as Head of School for 13 years in Discovery Bay. Prior to joining education in 2001, Ms. Michele worked in the airline industry as a flight attendant for ten years where she had the opportunity to travel internationally. Ms. Michele is passionate about education best practice and policy, especially for Hong Kong early years. Ms. Michele shares a quote by Dr. Maria Montessori from Spontaneous Activity in Education (1965, p.240) “Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence”.

Children's House Lead Guide

Lavinia Tin

Ms. Lavinia hold an AMS Montessori Certification (3-6 years) from the American Montessori Society and earned her Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Education for Sustainability (Minor in Music) from the Education University of Hong Kong. Ms. Lavinia has over 5 years' experience in early childhood education and has taught in different Montessori schools across Hong Kong. Ms. Lavinia is passionate about Montessori education, singing and music. She believes in creating an environment with happy teachers, happy students, and happy learning.

English Guide - Montessori Together Program (Playgroup)

Seema Korani

Ms Seema obtained her Bachelor's degree in Commerce . She then completed her TEFL course, specialising in early years education. She has over 9 years of teaching experience in local and international kindergartens. Her teaching philosophy revolves around creating an environment to support independent learners, who are confident and are motivated to learn and grow. Ms Seema believes in intrinsic motivation and curiosity is the sustainable way to keep children growing in years beyond their formative ones. She assists the children in achieving their goals though observations and setting up a prepared environment.

Assistant Guide (English)

Jaya Gurung

Ms. Jaya holds a Diploma in Child Care, registered CCW (certified childcare worker) and QKT (Qualified Kindergarten Teacher). She joined Guidepost Montessori as an Assistant Guide for the Clearwater Bay campus late 2022 transferring from Guidepost Montessori at Kennedy Town campus. Ms. Jaya enjoys teaching at Guidepost Montessori due to its beautiful and carefully prepared Montessori environment. She is passionate about working with little children and can never get enough of their lovely innocent personalities and truthfulness. Ms. Jaya is excited to join the Clearwater Bay Guidepost community!

Mandarin Guide - Montessori Together Program (Playgroup)

Melody Wang

Ms. Melody is a registered teacher and has extensive experience in early years education in local and international schools in Hong Kong. She has always enjoyed being around children and guiding children to be capable and independent learners. Ms. Melody has a special passion and interest in music and looks forward to helping children develop independence and a lifelong love of learning.

Head of School

Hannah Dentten

Hannah has over 10 years’ experience working in early years education; as a teacher, creating process art curriculums and leadership and management. She is passionate about her children, her family, mindful leadership and supporting those around her. Hannah is a big believer that it takes a village to raise children and being open to help and support others is a heathy mindset to adopt - especially in an expatriate community. She is always available to help each and every family in the best way she can, however big or small the problem may be. Hannah wholeheartedly welcomes all parents to join in and be part of their child’s learning journey at Guidepost.

Children's House Lead Guide

Veena Gupta

Ms. Veena holds an AMI Montessori Certification (3-6 years). She has 23 years of being a Montessori Guide. Ms. Veena has worked in Singapore, New Zealand, and Hong Kong for 12 years and is passionate about working with children, cooking, and painting.

Assistant Guide (Mandarin)

Iris Yu

Ms. Iris earned her Master of Education obtained from the University of Mainland China, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programmes (PGDE) from the Education University of Hong Kong. She is a qualified teacher and has been working as a Chinese teacher for over 8 years in international schools around Hong Kong. Ms Iris believes that each child is unique and has potential, and teachers need to encourage and support them to explore the world by inquiring, observing, listening, and communicating with others. She loves to inspire children and hopes to give them a lifelong love for learning.

Assistant Guide (English)

Esther Kung

Ms. Esther earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology, PGDECE. She has over 8 years’ teaching experience as a classroom teacher and as a music teacher. Being an early year’s educator Ms. Esther is passionate about observing and understanding children's needs, so she can provide support and guidance to them. She wishes that children have a safe, secure, and happy environment to grow; assisting them to get to know themselves. In her spare time, Ms. Esther enjoys all things music and sports.

Assistant Guide (English)

Smal Paige Hunter

Ms. Paige studied Sports Science and Business but found her passion working with children. She has over 4 years’ experience teaching in early years education. Ms. Page is passionate about learning more about Montessori and sharing her knowledge with children, showing them, they can do anything they put their mind to. Ms. Paige is excited to join the Discovery Bay Guidepost community!

Assistant Guide (Mandarin)

Yulia Lee

Ms. Yulia is a registered kindergarten teacher, childcare worker, child supervisor and special child care worker. She has experience of working in an international school before joining Guidepost. Ms. Yulia enjoys the process of discovery and building relationship with young children as well as learning from them. She enjoys what she does everyday as a pre-school teacher.

Head of School

Selena Hartley

Ms. Selena has been working in early childhood education for nine years. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development from San Francisco State University and her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from The University of San Diego. Prior to joining Guidepost Montessori, Ms Selena worked with other preschool and kindergartens both in Hong Kong and the United States. She has been passionate about entering this field since she was a child and has been able to grow in her curiosity, enthusiasm, and passion ever since learning about the Montessori approach. Ms. Selena’s passion is to develop positive relationships with everyone within the community, learning with children as they grow, supporting teachers and staff so that they can reach their greatest potential, strengthening the connection between school and home whilst fostering a positive school culture. She is excited for the opportunity to work closely with the families in Kennedy Town.

Assistant Head of School

Pinky Fung

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ms. Pinky is a registered teacher holding a PGDE in Early Childhood Education. She holds a diploma in Montessori teaching for children aged 3 to 6 years. With 15 years’ experience in early years education, Ms. Pinky previously managed a Montessori pre-school in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about the Montessori pedagogy and would love to share the beauty of this unique way of learning to all children and their families. Ms. Pinky is trilingual, fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. She looks forward to building a meaningful community sharing the Guidepost values.

Children's House Lead Guide

Priyanka Dadlani

Ms. Priyanka graduated from the Hassaram Rijhuma College of Commerce and Economics with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce. She received her Montessori Diploma from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Mumbai for Primary (3 to 6 years old). Since completing her training, she has taught for almost 10 years in an international Montessori kindergarten in Hong Kong before joining Guidepost in 2020. Ms. Priyanka’s curiosity for understanding the psychology of a child prompted her to take the Montessori diploma and to continue using it as a method of teaching. She is passionate about how the approach follows the child, allowing a teacher to guide them along the learning journey. Ms. Priyanka strives to watch this unfold on a daily basis with the children in her care.

Toddler Lead Guide

Justine Claravall

Ms. Justine earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and International Relations from the Ateneo de Manila University. She has a Montessori qualification from the North American Montessori Center and she is completing her Montessori certification and diploma from the Prepared Montessorian Institute. Ms. Justine has previously worked for other Montessori schools in Hong Kong as well as in Guidepost's Montessori Together Playgroups. She is thankful for the opportunity to work in a nurturing, loving environment where children can learn and experience new challenges that will help build their confidence. She is excited to give your children a fun and exciting place to learn!

Toddler Assistant Guide

Rita Cheng

Ms. Rita earned a Master of Arts in Applied Translation from the Open University of Hong after graduating with a degree in English Translation from Fan Yi University in Xian, Mainland China. She has been teaching for over eight years in international kindergartens and learning centres. Ms. Rita enjoys teaching children and the opportunity of watching them grow. She knows that children are capable of teaching us as much as we can teach them. She is beyond thrilled to be part of Guidepost and looks forward to seeing her young baby growing in this environment!

Toddler Assistant Guide

Yoyo Tam

Ms. Yoyo graduated from Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education with a Bachelor of Education (Honors) and has received a certificate in Playgroup Tutor Training. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Applied Psychology (Diverse Learning Needs) at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is completing her Montessori certification from the Prepared Montessorian Institute. Ms. Yoyo has been a teacher for over five years, teaching at both international and local schools in Hong Kong. She is dedicated to guiding children to be confident, curious, and self-directed learners.

Toddler Assistant Guide

Li Luo

Ms. Li, also known as Ms. Summer holds a Master of Education from Hong Kong Baptist University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree. Ms. Summer is a registered teacher in Hong Kong with experience teaching Mandarin in Beijing, Chengdu and Bangkok. With an interest in child and adolescent development, she is passionate about supporting the developmental needs of children at different stages. Ms. Summer is excited to be part of the Guidepost team and looks forward to providing children the tools to navigate lifelong learning through the Montessori teaching approach.

Lead Guide

Pooja Shah

Ms. Pooja holds a Master of Science in Information Technology, and is AMI trained and certified. She has worked in Montessori schools in India and international schools and learning centers in Hong Kong. Ms. Pooja is passionate about working with children as she loves to see when children ignite that spark of curiosity and learn to reach their goals; she finds this fulfilling and inspiring. Ms. Pooja educated herself in the field of technology but did not enjoy the lack of human interactions. She believes the most natural interactions and love that one receives is from children, and that is what encouraged her personal journey of learning. Today, she is still learning from her biggest inspirations- the children.

Toddler Assistant Guide

Kristy Ng

Ms. Kristy was born in Shanghai and completed her bachelor’s degree in Translation and Language Studies from the Open University of Hong Kong. Then later completed her Postgraduate Degree of Education from Hong Kong University and master’s degree in teaching Chinese as foreign language from Hong Kong University. This is Ms. Kristy's 12th year working in Hong Kong as a kindergarten teacher. She enjoys engaging children in learning the Chinese culture and language by providing various learning experiences as well as partnering with parents on children’s development and progressions. Ms. Kristy is passionate about creating a strong learning environment for children, and believes clear and open communication is the best approach.

Head of School

Kavita Rangani

Ms. Kavita has 15 years early childhood administration experience, working in an international pre-school setting in Hong Kong. With her heart invested in the Montessori philosophy, she has served a Montessori pre-school for 12 of those years. Her drive has been to maintain the school as a nurturing, well balanced institution that places equal value on realising every child's social, academic potential along with caring for their well-being. She has two grown up children that have both flown the nest and are in universities in the UK and Australia. Ms. Kavita looks forward to building a strong community within the school to bring alive the saying ‘it takes a village’.

Nido Lead Guide

Ellen Chow

Ms. Ellen has been a young toddler teacher for over 15 years in Montessori education in Hong Kong. Whilst on the AMS Early Childhood and Infant/Toddler teacher training Montessori program, she completed two overseas internships in Montessori Kindergartens – in Tainan, Taiwan, and at Princeton Montessori School, New Jersey. Ms. Ellen cherishes and enjoys every moment with young children. She loves the excitement of seeing a child’s face light up when they learn something new! She enjoys every aspect of teaching, and she is committed to providing a safe and caring atmosphere in which children feel comfortable to explore and learn. Through the years she's noticed that children can teach us more than we teach them.

Assistant Guide (English)

Ruth Elloso

Ms. Ruth holds a diploma in Design and TEFL (level 5) certification. She has been working in the education industry for almost 12 years teaching students ages 6 months to 18 years. Ms. Ruth has taught phonics, playgroup, interest classes such as art, drama, music & movement, science, cooking, summer camp, creative writing and grammar at various learning centers, primary & secondary schools as well as a local kindergarten in Hong Kong. She has worked as a program coordinator where she supported heads of schools and teachers in curriculum development for over two years in Hong Kong. Ms. Ruth is passionate about creating an inclusive learning environment for students of all abilities where they can thrive without discrimination and are given the chance to gain confidence in themselves and reach their full potential. In her spare time, Ms. Ruth likes to learn new languages, learn about different cultures and play musical instruments. Her hobbies include reading, writing, singing, painting, crafting, strength training and volunteering to help animal charities. Ms. Ruth is also passionate about special education and child development.

Toddler Junior Lead Guide

Daisy Tang

Ms. Daisy holds an AMS Montessori Certification (0-3 years), PGDE (Early Childhood Education) from Hong Kong University. She has 4 years’ teaching experience in early childhood education, including teaching Pre-nursery, Playgroup and Prep children. Prior to working with children, for over three years, Ms. Daisy worked with undergraduates at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and led them to conduct field trips in Inner Mongolia and Xi'an. In Beijing, she worked with high school and university students in preparing submissions to apply to overseas universities, trained students for school interviews and supported student visa applications. Ms. Daisy has 6 years’ experience as a part-time English tutor to primary and middle school students. She is a passionate life-long learner and loves to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives. During her spare time, Ms. Daisy enjoys reading, and outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and cycling. Ms. Daisy grew up in a Montessori household.

Assistant Guide (Mandarin)

Hannah Wong

Ms. Hannah graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong in Early Childhood Education. She is a Hong Kong registered childcare service supervisor and registered teacher. Ms. Hannah has experience working in Hong Kong local schools, international schools and taught at a Montessori school since 2015. Her passion is to provide love and care for children and to guide them to shine their own light. Ms. Hannah is studying play therapy which develops her knowledge in understanding the psychology of children.

Children's House Lead Guide

Joseflin Phillipson

Ms. Jo holds an International Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood Education from MCI London. She worked in international pre-schools in Bangkok, Dubai and in Hong Kong where she has altogether gained more than 14 years experience as a Montessori teacher. She is passionate about teaching and safeguarding young children in their school setting. During her spare time, Ms. Jo loves art and enjoy painting with different mediums. Ms. Jo is very happy to be a part of the Guidepost team and looks forward to serving children and their families.

English Guide

Maria Mayanon

Ms. Maria earned her bachelor’s degree in English Education and Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counselling from Cebu Normal University. She is a certified Education professional who specializes in English Language Arts. Since her earliest school days, she has been interested in the pursuit of teaching, a search which was inspired by her parents and enhanced by her teachers. Her 10 years teaching experience both formal and informal education had influenced her approach and attitude towards teaching and handling students according to their age group, mental ability, cultural and international understanding. She has been a Kindergarten and Nursery Teacher for five years in Hong Kong, and now ecstatic to be a part of Guidepost Montessori Together and witness the growth of the young ones with their absorbent minds. She will shower them love and care as she guides them in turning on their potentials following the Guiding Principles of Maria Montessori.

Lead Guide

Yana Ng

Ms. Yana completed her Master's degree in Art Therapy in the UK and has received certification in Art Therapy Supervision and Baby Bonding. She has been an educator for 13 years and has taught young children in Hong Kong and across Europe. Ms. Yana is keen to use and develop these skills to positively support children's learning and enable them to reach their full potential.

Mandarin Guide

Mei Wong

Ms. Mei completed her bachelor's degree in luxury hospitality in Switzerland and spent a few years working in world-class resorts around the globe. Working and collaborating in a hyper-diversity environment strengthens her leadership and problem-solving skills, also deepening her empathy and multi-cultural mindset. Ms. Mei changed her profession a few years ago and found it more meaningful and uplifting to work as an educator as she truly sees and amazed by the potential in children and has worked in centres across Hong Kong. Ms. Mei finds it inspiring to explore all kinds of perspectives in life with our little ones. She values guiding children to understand and express their thoughts and emotions while building their confidence and independence.

Mandarin Guide

Yvonne Shen

Ms. Yvonne graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with a bachelor's in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language and obtained a master's degree from the University of East Anglia, UK. Ms. Yvonne has been an educator for 7 years and has worked in both university and international Kindergartens. She is a lifelong learner and is currently under PMI certificate training and Postgraduate Diploma in Education for Early Childhood from USA. Ms. Yvonne believes that teachers also need to keep learning and enriching themselves constantly to provide a better learning environment for our young children to learn and to explore and to flourish.

Montessori Together Program (Playgroup) Guide

Cherrie Wong

Ms. Cherrie graduated from University of Surrey, UK with a bachelor in psychology, focusing on the module of Developmental Psychology and Education. She has received certification in Special Education Needs (SEN)Teaching and First Aid for Baby and Child. She has worked in both England and Hong Kong, providing trainings on attention, social and communication skills for children in learning centres and local schools. Ms. Cherrie is passionate about being an educator who can provide a warm learning environment for children, whilst guiding them to develop their full potential. She is excited to be joining the Montessori family!

Montessori Together Program (Playgroup) Guide

Cici Xiao

Ms. Cici has a Postgraduate Diploma in Child and Family Education and is in the process of completing a certificate as a playgroup tutor. She has been teaching in schools and learning centers for over six years in China, the US, and Hong Kong. Ms. Cici is currently completing her Montessori certification from the Prepared Montessorian Institute. Ms. Cici is looking forward to guiding each child!

Montessori Together Program (Playgroup) Guide

Zahoor Gazallah Casas

Ms. Gazallah graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, majoring in Comparative Literature. She has taught students of various age groups and worked in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. Ms. Gazallah discovered that she has the strongest bond with young children which inspired her to pursue her career in early childhood. She finds solace in watching the curiosity and imagination of the children spark in the classroom and is eager to do her part as an educator to ignite their lifetime love of learning.

Mandarin Guide

Sisie Wu

Ms. Sisie holds a Master of Education (ECE) and has 7 years’ experience as Chinese teacher in a Montessori school and 2 years’ experience as homeroom teacher in a primary school. Ms. Sisie loves to see the sparkle in children’s eyes when they are learning, and is excited to share her knowledge with the Guidepost community.

English Guide - Montessori Together Program (Playgroup)

Karishma Rekhani

Ms. Karishma has been a playgroup teacher for over 9 years in Hong Kong. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Loreto University, India. Ms. Karishma cherishes and enjoys every moment with young children. Teaching is her passion, and it always brings a smile to her face when she is in a classroom filled with children and knows that she is part of their learning journey. She is excited to be a part of the Guidepost Montessori family!

English Guide

Kiki Lam

Ms. KiKi has over 11 years of teaching experience specializing in Early Childhood Education, teaching playgroups, English and Visual art classes in learning centers and International Kindergartens around Hong Kong. She holds Graphic Design Diploma and English Program Certification from Sydney Institute. Ms. KiKi looks forward to guiding children to learn by doing to be capable and independent learners.