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Montessori Together

More than a playgroup

When your family starts Montessori Together, you get more than a playgroup; you join a community of like-minded families. Your child will experience the joys of independent learning in a structured environment, while you and your family connect with other young families in the area, gathering for free monthly get togethers on our campuses.

Program Highlights

Our Montessori Together program provides a nurturing environment for young children and supportive community for their families.

The in-class experience is focused on creating a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for very young children and their parents to explore, learn and grow together.  All of a young child’s developmental needs are met with warmth and care by expert staff, such as their desire to walk and talk, eat and drink independently, and understand the world around them while in the comforting presence of a trusted caregiver. 

Beyond the classroom experience, new parents get connected to other young families in their area with monthly "Get-Togethers" on campus, providing a great way to make new friends in the neighborhood.  We also celebrate birthdays at our Guidepost Family Club each month for all children across the entire Guidepost network. When it's your child's birthday month, you can join these free celebrations and bring a friend too!  

Our Montessori Together programs emphasize the importance of fostering independence in young children. This may include activities such as allowing infants to feed themselves, choose their own activity, and explore their environment at their own pace. Our guides will gently support a child to learn to do things for herself, striking just the right balance between making your little one feel safe and loved, and identifying the right moment to encourage her to try something new. 

By encouraging independence, Montessori Together programs help young children develop their self-confidence and sense of autonomy.

Even at a very young age, infants and young toddlers can begin to develop their social skills through interaction with other children and adults. Our Montessori Together programs provide plenty of opportunities for children to interact with each other in a safe and supportive environment, helping them to develop important social skills such as cooperation, conflict resolution, sharing and empathy.

Controlled and intentional movement are an important part of early development. Infants unconsciously use their hands to fuel the development of their brains and nervous systems. 

Our Montessori Together environment carefully nurtures a young child’s developing intelligence by offering increasingly more complex objects to explore and manipulate in intriguing ways. You’ll be amazed at how a child can learn, when simply given time and space to practice the activities that respond exactly to precise moments in her development.

We know the extreme importance of exposing young children to rich spoken language and dynamic verbal interactions, in order to give his developing brain everything needed to master language. Infants and young toddlers can begin to develop their language skills though exposure to spoken language, songs and other forms of communication. 

Our Montessori Together programs offer incorporated activities that promote language development such as reading books, singing songs, and engaging in simple conversations in English and Mandarin.

Teachers and families form really close bonds at Guidepost Montessori. A young child's Montessori Together teacher engage parents and caregivers in every session, guide them on how best to support a child's development and invited them to participate. Families will also receive regular reports about the learning activities they engage in.

Aimed at fostering a deeper sense of community and broadening our educational landscape, these free sessions are now available to all our Montessori Together families every month.

As an addition to our regular schedule, the "Guidepost Get-Together" offers your children more diverse and enriching learning experiences. It also provides you with the opportunity to connect with families in your area with similar-aged children, reinforcing the bonds that make our community so special.

Session Structure:

  • Duration: Each session will last 90 minutes for current Walkers students and 60 minutes for current Crawlers students.
  • Location: The sessions will be conducted in the Montessori Together classroom of the campus. We may arrange occasional outings on some months, locations to be confirmed closer to the time.
  • Frequency: These special classes will be held once a month on (i.e. Last week of every month)
  • Spaces are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Beyond the classroom experience, we also celebrate birthdays at our Guidepost Family Club each month for all children across the entire Guidepost network. When it's your child's birthday month, you can join these free celebrations and bring a friend too!

GFC Walkers MT 8

Montessori Together Curriculum

The Montessori Together curriculum revolves around three learning strands

This learning strand focuses on supporting infants and young toddlers develop their sense of identify and belonging within their family, community and culture. This includes recognizing different family members and understanding their roles, exploring their immediate community, celebrating their cultural diversity and traditions, and developing a sense of self-awareness and self-expression.

Overall, this learning strand aims to foster a sense of belonging and identity in infants and young toddlers, while also promoting their social and emotional development and strengthening the parent-child bond.

Chai Wan Class 027

This learning strand develops important skills and behaviors that support an infants and young toddlers’ ability to care for themselves and others. This includes developing self-care and hygiene skills, self-feeding and nutrition skills, communication and social skills, and helping behaviors that promote empathy and social responsibility.

Overall, this learning strand aims to promote the development of important skills and behaviors that support infants' independence, self-care, social and emotional development, and ability to care for others. Infants and young toddlers will be better prepared to navigate the world around them and build strong relationships with others.

Parent infant with facilitator

This learning strand focuses on introducing infants and young toddlers to the world they live in and helping them understand their role in it. This strand aims to help young children develop a sense of curiosity and wonder about their surroundings while also building their confidence and self-awareness.

Overall, this learning strand will help infants and young toddlers develop a positive attitude towards learning and exploring the world around them. It will also help them understand their place in the world and become more confident and self-aware.

Child concentration

Each Montessori Together class includes

  • Arrival and settling in - allow both the child and caregiver to adjust to the environment and to feel comfortable before the program begins
  • Presentation circle - to introduce a new material or activity to a group of children and caregivers, sparking the young children’s curiosity and interest in exploring our prepared environment
  • Work period - an uninterrupted block of time when children are able to freely explore the prepared environment and engage with materials of their own choosing
  • Table setting and community snack (for Walkers program) - an opportunity for peer socialization and meal independence
  • Sensory-motor exploration and gross-motor play with a variety of sensory and motor activities
  • Language circle - a group session incorporating music, movement and language activities that encourage engagement from both parents and children and to create a rich immersive language experience for the infants and young toddlers
  • Chores - children together with Montessori Together Guide tidies up the classroom, fostering a sense of dependence, respect for one’s environment, and a sense of community and responsibility

Montessori Together Crawlers (up to 12 months)

The Crawlers program is purposefully designed to support an infant's practice and master all the aspects that lead up to walking and talking and help them develop the willingness to do for themselves. Our Montessori Together guides gently help infants to do things by themselves, striking a balance between making them feel safe and identifying the right moment to encourage them to try something new.

Montessori Together Walkers (up to 18 months)

The Walkers program is designed to nurture a toddler’s developing intelligence by offering increasingly more complex objects to explore and manipulate in intriguing ways. Activities are designed to support the toddler in learning to solve problems and make choices, as well as giving her plenty of opportunities to practice a variety of physical movements. As a toddler works with more complex activities, her experience reinforces her belief in her own ability to solve problems and overcome challenges that arise along the way.

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