For 6 months - 6 years

Autumn Camp

Our Autumn Camp will be back during the next autumn break 2024! Stay tuned!

Montessori Together (6-24 months)

Accompanied program

In September, families across Hong Kong gathered to moon-gaze and celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, marking the start of the autumn season. With autumn now in full swing, we hope to bring families together during this autumn break where we’ll be taking a Montessori approach to understand the concept of circles and how they can be connected to various objects, for example, the moon and the tasty mooncakes we all indulged in during our celebrations in September. 

Over the week, we’ll be exploring the circular shape of mooncakes and how it represents the full moon, and learning about the unity and completeness it symbolizes in Chinese culture. 

Through hands-on activities, children can also develop practical skills and a sense of accomplishment, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance of the moon and its connection to the circular shape of mooncakes.

Creative Arts (3-6 years)

Unaccompanied program

Children will explore the works of the American artist, Jackson Pollock, who was famous for painting in the abstract expressionist style. He was well known for his ‘drip’ technique of painting or splashing paint on a large canvas, also known as action painting.

Children will create an inspired ‘Jackson Pollock’ painting to take home for display.

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