For infants and young toddlers from 6 to 24 months, we want them to begin developing a love for learning, independence, and understanding of the world, which is what we at Guidepost are aiming to foster. With this in mind, we are proud to introduce our Montessori Together program. This program is specifically designed with a Montessori-inspired and dual-language environment, that will help to nurture your child’s developmental needs with our warm, caring, and expert guidance.

Why Experience Montessori Together?

Every child is a natural explorer, and to be able to have the right environment that allows them to harness their innate tendency is what our Montessori Together classes can provide. This is also with the help from our experienced and caring team of educators. Our classes encourage and support your child’s natural curiosity while receiving the attention and guidance necessary to thrive.

Montessori Together Crawlers (6-12 months)

At this age, the developmental milestone of practicing and mastering the steps leading up to walking and talking is important. Hence, in our Crawlers classrooms, we focus on giving your infant a safe space to explore, build strength and express themselves. Our guides will provide gentle guidance to balance a sense of security and encourage new experiences at the same time, which helps your infant to develop independence and confidence.

Montessori Together Walkers (12-24 months)

As your child reaches Walkers age, the development of intelligence is what our Walkers classrooms will continue nurturing. The carefully designed environment provides opportunities for exploration, decision-making, and problem-solving through increasingly complex objects and activities. Our guides are there to encourage your toddler to make choices and engage in various physical movements, fostering their problem-solving skills, and reinforcing their belief in their abilities.

Guidepost Philosophy

We want your child to instill a lifelong curiosity about the world and a deep appreciation for its beauty and excitement. The foundation for their future success is what we strive for them both inside and outside of the classroom.

The purpose of this well-designed Montessori Together program is to cultivate self-initiated learners and independent thinkers with a nurturing and stimulating environment from an early age. Infants to young toddlers are allowed to explore, manipulate objects, and solve problems.

Our experienced and caring team of guides are here to help support your child’s developmental journey, whilst fostering independence, self-confidence, and a love of learning through the Montessori-inspired approach.

Contact us to learn more about our Montessori Together program or start enrolling your child to begin their journey.

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