Children aged 3 to 6 years are attending pre-school unaccompanied by familiar adults, therefore, having a dynamic and engaging educational environment is essential and at Guidepost Montessori, we would like to introduce our Children’s House program. The purpose of this program is to help build independence and social skills in a carefully prepared environment but with child-sized materials. The Montessori-inspired and dual-language setting will encourage your child to maximize their love of learning.

Building Independence through Practical Life: Empowering Capable Individuals

In a Children’s House classroom, your child will be engaged with real-world, purposeful tasks and tools to cultivate a sense of capability and competence. Activities such as Food Preparation allow your child to increase their level of concentration and precision of movement, supporting lifelong skills like memory, planning and problem-solving.

Developing the Scientific Mind through Sensorial Materials: Exploring the Senses

Our Children’s House program incorporates beautiful and engaging sensorial materials that activate your child’s senses in the world around them. Through these materials, your child will learn to compare, contrast, and discern slight environmental differences. These experiences also provide the foundation for understanding mathematical relationships, fostering an early grasp of arithmetic, geometry, and algebra.

Individualized Guidance with Writing and Reading: Unlocking the World of Words

At this age, we want your child to explore creative expressions and dive into reading, by using hands-on Montessori materials like sandpaper letters and movable alphabet. These materials will empower your child to express themselves creatively and help them to build a strong foundation that enables them to write and read with ease.

Concrete Materials for Lifelong Retention of Math: Deep Understanding over Memorization

The Montessori way 

The Montessori approach that we Guidepost uses math to help facilitate a deep understanding rather than just quick memorization. Our Children’s House program utilizes hand-on materials to help your child develop a solid understanding of mathematics, by engaging them to use their senses to problem-solving activities, leading them to transition to abstraction.

Understanding Our World thorugh Exposure and Experimentation: Cultivating Curiosity

In our Children’s House program, your child will not only be exposed to academic subjects, but also the diversity within our world. The materials include puzzle maps, flags and cultural items that will inspire curiosity of our planet and its inhabitants, which lays the groundwork for future studies in science and history.

The Children’s House program at Guidepost Montessori is a transformative educational experience that nurtures your child’s independence, cognitive development, and love for learning. By providing opportunities for practical life tasks, engaging sensorial materials, individualized guidance in reading and writing, hands-on math experiences, and exposure to our world, we empower your child to become a confident, curious, and capable learner.

Contact us to learn more about the Children’s House or enroll your child to start their journey in a supportive and stimulating environment!

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